About the Belle de Jour Power Planner
“Every year begins a new set of dreams and goals.”
Now on its 15th year, the Belle de Jour Power Planner started with a simple idea: to help plan your days so you can live your best life. Our covers and inside pages may look different every year but we remain steadfast in our belief that your life can always change, and change for the better.
We believe that there is a quiet power when pen hits paper. A million possibilities appear. Writing in your planner gives you moments to think about the time gifted to you, to set goals that make your soul come alive, to map out routes to your dreams that might even scare you. So jot down and tick off your to-do lists, document your daily wins, and journal about unforgettable memories. With your Belle de Jour Power Planner in hand, you are always just one page closer to the you that you've always wanted to be.
As a brand, Belle de Jour (BDJ) envisions the Filipina as a joyful woman living a life she loves. BDJ serves her through innovative physical and digital products/tools, experiences, and communities that:
  • Deepens her connection to her inner self, encouraging self-reflection to tune in to what really makes her happy and to clarify how to transform what is holding her back.
  • Increases her confidence to express herself to her loved ones and community, and in doing so, to create more joyful connections.
Ultimately, BDJ hopes to empower the Filipina to continuously create a life she loves.
About Viviamo!
Belle de Jour Power Planner is produced by Viviamo! Inc., a custom publishing and marketing company that creates various paper products for specific target markets. Our services include conceptualization, development, and production.
We at Viviamo! are in the business of helping people everywhere create lives they love by connecting to, expressing, and actualizing their joy.