Wander Well Journey: FREE Navi Gold Foil Washi Tape

Plan sporadically, no need to stick to one style. Rekindle the flame of wanderlust within you and seek out the roads less traveled.



Why you need this

Bundle up and away with this two-for-one deal! This bundle includes a 2023 Navi Journal and a Start Strong 1L Tumbler.  PLUS you'll get one set of Navi Gold Foil Washi Tape for FREE!

Find your own planning path. with your values as your compass and your determination as your fuel, Navi will join you on your journey to achieve your dreams. ​

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  • 12 UNDATED Monthly Dividers showcasing the most scenic roads around the world embedded with QR codes that will take you on the most sought-after trails and tours!​
  • 12 UNDATED Monthly Calendars
  • Special Pages to help you map out your journey​
  • Horizontal Weekly Layout with notes pages​
  • Coupon Booklet with exclusive discounts and offers!​
  • The high-quality tumbler is specially made with inspirational quotes and time markers to remind you to boost your daily water intake.


  • 1 2023 Navi Journal
  • 1 Start Strong 1L Tumbler
  • 1 Navi Gold Foil Washi Tape (FREE)