Travel to The City of Lights: FREE Calendar Pad

Jumpstart your dream journey without the pressure of filling up the pages on time, A Planner you can use any year, month or day!



Why you need this

Bundle up and away with this two-for-one deal! This bundle includes a 2023 Navi Journal and an Enlightened LED Calendar.  PLUS you'll get one Calendar Pad for FREE!

The undated calendar of Navi, LED Calendar, and Calendar Pad is the perfect combination for those who want to start planning without the pressure of a structure. 

Animated GIF

  • 12 UNDATED Monthly Dividers showcasing the most scenic roads around the world embedded with QR codes that will take you on the most sought-after trails and tours!​
  • 12 UNDATED Monthly Calendars
  • Special Pages to help you map out your journey​
  • Horizontal Weekly Layout with notes pages​
  • Coupon Booklet with exclusive discounts and offers!​
  • Write down your calendar and track your habits in the Enlightened Calendar Planner! Comes with a luminous wooden base, which can be conveniently placed on any table or countertop surface.
  • Accessorize your workspace and features your messages in style.


  • 1 2023 Navi Journal
  • 1 The Enlightened LED Calendar
  • 1 Calendar Pad (FREE)