Psychedelic Memories: FREE Heart Shape Rose Gold Clips

Let your ideas shine through! This journal can help you push boundaries and make your imaginative journey a colorful experience.



Why you need this

Bundle up and away with this two-for-one deal! This bundle includes a BDJ Notebook and a Quest Holo Travel PLUS you'll get one set of Rose Gold Clips Heart Shaped for FREE! This bundle is perfect if you're having trouble creating ME-TIME for yourself. Capture your stories before they fade. Journal every step of the way.

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  • DAIRY KEEPING: Keeping track of events, appointments and due dates will ensure you’re always ahead of time and you’ll be able to feel more confident and less stressed.

  • IRIDESCENT COVER: The holographic Quest Journal is a beautiful and practical journal that can inspire you and bring out the best in you creatively.

  • VERSATILE: Use your Quest Journal to write down your thoughts, goals, to-do lists, contacts, schedules, and so much more.

  • POCKETS: This notebook features an innovative storage system that allows you to store multiple inserts and designs at once without compromising on the beauty of each individual one.

  • REFILLABLE: It has a kraft notebook that is great for all types of writing. All inserts are refillable so you can reuse the leather cover for a long period of time.

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  • 1 BDJ Holo Notebook
  • 1 Quest Holo Cover (Travel Size)
  • 1 Set of Rose Gold Clips Heart Shape (FREE)