Power of Three

Empowers women through their dreams.​



Why you need this

We believe that every woman is empowered simply by being a woman, and we want to help you harness the power of your dreams. This Women's Month, we're proud to offer the Power of Three, featuring the Quest Journal Travel Holo, BDJ Holo Notebook, and Forget-Me-Not Notebook - the perfect tools to help you capture your dreams and turn them into reality.

And as a special bonus, you can select one of the freebies (Juicy Pen, I Am Sticker or Dried Flower Sticker) and get 3pcs of it, to help inspire and motivate you on your journey.


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Select the Power of Three packages to discover the power of your dreams.​ Let's achieve our Goals together

This bundle includes:

  • (1) BDJ HOLO NOTEBOOK: Simplify your life using a bullet journal, this journal is customizable to your needs and you can freely write your thoughts so that you can have a clearer mind each day. ​Comes with FREE Customization.

  • (1) QUEST HOLO TRAVEL JOURNAL: No wonder it’s the one adventurers love to carry with them everywhere. This journal can help you to achievable milestones, and stay on track in a colorful experience.

  • (1) FORGET-ME-NOT MEETINGS: Achieve your goals by keeping your important meeting notes and simple notes in one place. By staying organized and focused, you can keep track of your thoughts and tasks, and take concrete steps toward success. With this notebook, you can streamline your note-taking process and stay on top of your goals.​

  • FREEBIES: You can select one of the freebies, Juicy Pen, I Am Sticker, Dried Flower Sticker​