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Pathway to Power: Personalized Self Care Workshop


Why you need this
Have you lost your confidence and feel so losyang and stressed out?

Celebrate yourself by finding your confidence from within and enjoying your beautifully bare self. It will help you to understand what self-care means, and how to take care of yourself so that you can grow, live and love more fully.

Sign up for a FULL, LIVE Coaching Session entitled​
I am Love: A Personalized Self Care Workshop with Beauty Expert, Ara Fernando!
  • Free Beauty Kit for the first 10 buyers (See Specifications Tab for Kit Details)
  • 1 of 12 powerful coaching sessions to complement your usual journaling process, designed for disempowered Filipinos who want to rewrite their stories and keep their dreams alive.​
  • Comes with a skincare and makeup checklist and worksheet​
  • Free post-webinar group coaching sessions (limited slots)

In this session you will:
  • Share tips, tricks, and trends for the latest and easiest skincare and makeup routine FOR YOU​
  • Know how to apply skincare and makeup for your in-person or Zoom calls​
  • Learn how to work with your skin type and facial features without the need for Instagram filters​
  • Develop confidence in your natural beauty ​

The workshop will be held on July 30, Saturday 10 am-12 pm at Viviamo Office in Mandaluyong. You'll receive a separate email for further details

About the Coach​

Ara is a US-trained Professional Makeup Artist with almost 20 years of experience working in theater, television, the wedding industry, and movie productions. She is a Theater Professor at De La Salle University and is an accomplished entrepreneur in the beauty retail business. She has almost a million followers on Tiktok for her empowering digital content that highlights confidence, self-care, and embracing your inner beauty.​