Pathway to Power: Human Design in Business Workshop


Why you need this
Do you dream of becoming your own boss, managing your own time and your own targets?

Is business something you aspire to do but never have the confidence to, do simply because you don't know how to start or what will work for you?

Burnout is real. Burn bright instead to soul-based success as you look deeper into yourself and the way you live your life! Run a business of your own by learning how to manage, heal and work with your unique energy so you can put your real self into the world and in everything that you do in AN ALIGNED AND SUSTAINABLE WAY!​

Join the Human Design in Business Workshop with Human Design, Self-Evolution, and Energy Coach, Tetz Agustin
  • 1 of 12 powerful coaching sessions to complement your usual journaling process, designed for disempowered Filipinos who want to rewrite their stories and keep their dreams alive.​
  • Comes with access to the Soulprint™️ Soulution Mini-Course and a free 30-min guided meditation.

In this session you will:
  • Find out who you are by finding out who you are NOT​
  • Achieve soul-based success in your chosen business or endeavor​
  • Learn how to work with your unique energy so you don't burn out​
  • Get tips and strategic techniques on running your own business in a lasting and sustainable way

The webinar is on SEPTEMBER 24, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM via Zoom. Zoom links will be emailed separately

About the Coach​

Tetz Agustin is an internationally-certified Enneagram coach, certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, and intuitive business strategist. Also a writer, Oracle deck creator, and Reiki shaman, Tetz helps soulpreneurs and leaders embody and heal their badass CEO selves by leveraging their unique Soulprint™️.​