Marakesh Lacy Patterned Washi Tape by Pavilio


Why you need this

Made by Japanese brand Pavilio, these die-cut "lace tapes" have colorful, intricate patterns that will add pizzazz to your creative projects. Use them to embellish your journal, planner, or scrapbook pages or to decorate note cards and gift tags. These paper tapes have a semi-glossy lamination and a high-quality adhesive that'll ensure they won't fall off, even when the patterns are thin or dainty.

  • Measures 15mm by 10 meters

Washi tape is a Japanese craft masking tape that comes in various designs and colors. It has many different creative uses. Add beautiful touches and accents to scrapbooks and cards or stick on your planners, journals. Use it for bullet journaling or various ways of creative journaling. The tape is removable, which means you can easily stick it and unpeel it and move into a different space. A fun and creative way to feel good about your schedule and tasks.