Know Your Worth

Knowing your worth has never been easier with the help of BDJ Virtual Reality Goggles and Advocacy notebook.​



Why you need this
These tools allow you to immerse yourself in a world of self-discovery and empowerment. By exploring new perspectives and expressing your thoughts in the Advocacy notebook, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your values and beliefs.

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The Know Your Worth comes with:

  • (1) VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES: It gives you the freedom to highlight what matters most at any given time by allowing you to change your photos or cards whenever you please. You can use this as your photo album for all the memories you want to cherish, or even your vision board for all the dreams you want to achieve someday.

  • (1) ADVOCACY NOTEBOOK (FREE CUSTOMIZATION): Many people often think that keeping a journal can help their creative juices flow. Whether you want to express some of your deepest thoughts and feelings or make a list of things to do in life. The advocacy Covers have a text print design that corresponds to one of the Filipino well-known traits, such as Maabilidad, Malikhain, at Masigasig.​ Also as a special bonus, you can also add your name to the notebook!

  • (1) I AM STICKER SHEET: Infuse your creative journaling spreads with I Am Sticker sheets! Use them whenever you need inspiration and motivation on your planner and journal notebooks.​

  • (1) KACO PEN (RANDOM COLOR): This well-known pen brand offers some of the most affordable 0.5mm gel pens in plastic casings. These retractable pens have great grip and come in cute vibrant colors. They write smoothly and dry quickly. ​

  • FREEBIES: The Know Your Worth Package includes a freebie of your choice! You can select one of our selections of Revlon Lip Blotted, Revlon Photo Ready, Kotex (2-3 pcs) Tokyo Finds – Doodle Pen (2pcs) Tokyo Finds – Calligraphy Pen (2pcs), or Stamps (2pcs)