Forget-Me-Not Notebook Meetings: Bulk Discount

Need help in organizing your notes? Meetings have never been easier to take notes with Forget-Me-Not Notebook Meetings. Designed to help you capture your important ideas, it's the notebook to see you through those dreary meetings and conferences.

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Why you need this

Buy More and Save More!

  • Teach your family and friends to note down essentials. Give your inner circle the meetings notebook. Buy 10 or 50 pieces and get 5% off.
  • Zoom Meetings in this New Normal are something else! Give your team the tools they need so you can all be aligned with what is essential. Help your employees manage their overwhelm with our Meetings Journal. 10% off when you bulk buy 100 pieces. 
  • Alignment is a gift. Help everyone be on the same page with you with the journal of the meetings.  15% off if you buy 150 to 250 pieces, and 20% off if you buy 300 pcs!

It’s the perfect size for meetings, conferences, or even just jotting down some thoughts on various things. It is functional and beautiful at the same time.


  • PERFORATED: The perforated pages make it easy to pull out just the information you need during a meeting and receive important messages from your assistant or salesperson.

  • VERSATILE: It is a perfect notebook for taking down meeting notes and has many more uses than a mere notebook.

  • ORGANIZED: Keep all your important meeting notes in one place, add some simple notes, and get to work. The notebook has room for date and agenda, as well as your thoughts on your tasks and meeting objectives. This will help you take down notes in an organized manner.

  • EASY FOLD: With 3 canals for perfect folding of the cover behind the notebook.