Feel Your Feelings

Reaching your dreams can be a rollercoaster of emotions and it's important to remember that it's okay to feel contentment, disappointment, happiness, sadness, and even the feeling of not being enough.​



Why you need this

The BDJ Quest Journal is here to help you navigate through those emotions and release them in a healthy way. With its pages, you can write down your deepest feelings and reflect on them. It also comes with a calendar pad where you can track your progress and remind yourself that everything has perfect timing.​

Don't be hard on yourself, embrace your feelings and trust the journey, with the BDJ Quest Journal as your companion.

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The Feel Your Feelings comes with:​

  • (1) QUEST TRAVEL JOURNAL HOLO: No wonder it’s the one adventurers love to carry with them everywhere. This journal can help you push boundaries and make your imaginative journey a colorful experience.

  • (1) BIG IDEAS NOTEBOOK: Starting a new journal can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The Big Ideas Notebook has been designed for you to use in whatever way feels most comfortable!​

  • (1) ​I AM STICKER SHEET:​ Infuse your creative journaling spreads with I Am Sticker sheets! Use them whenever you need inspiration and motivation on your planner and journal notebooks.​

  • (1) KACO PEN (RANDOM COLOR):​ This well-known pen brand offers some of the most affordable 0.5mm gel pens in plastic casings. These retractable pens have great grip and come in cute vibrant colors. They write smoothly and dry quickly. ​

  • FREEBIES: The Feel Your Feelings Package includes a freebie of your choice! You can select (1) one of our selections of Revlon Lip Blotted, Revlon Photo Ready, Kotex (2-3 pcs) Tokyo Finds – Doodle Pen (2pcs) Tokyo Finds – Calligraphy Pen (2pcs), or Stamps (2pcs)