Fearlessly Different: FREE Dried Flower Stickers

You can freely write your thoughts so that you can have a clearer mind each day.



Why you need this

Bundle up and away with this two-for-one deal! This bundle includes BDJ Notebook and a Dare to Be Workbook PLUS you'll get one set of Dried Flower design stickers for FREE! Now is the time to shift your mindset through self-reflection and encourage yourself to think about how you can add more joy and fun to your daily life.

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  • DAIRY KEEPING: Keeping track of events, appointments and due dates will ensure you’re always ahead of time and you’ll be able to feel more confident and less stressed.

  • IMPROVE SELF-AWARENESS: The workbook has different fun and meaningful activities that can help you improve your inner self and increase self-awareness.

  • EASY TO USE: The workbook is an easy-to-use guide that will help you look inward and find the courage, creativity, and gratefulness necessary in order to create the life of your dreams.

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  • 1 BDJ Holo Notebook
  • 1 Dare to Be Workbook
  • 1 Set of Dried Flower Stickers (FREE)