Dare To Be Cards Gift Set (Set of 3)



Why you need this
The Dare to Be collection is a series of card decks meant to inspire you and help you reflect on your goals and aspirations. Beautifully designed, each themed deck contains motivational quotes, “I am” affirmations, and prompts for journaling, goal-setting, or self-reflection.

Get your daily dose of encouragement and inspiration with the Dare to Be Grateful, Dare to Be Courageous, and Dare to Be Creative card decks.

Dare To Be Grateful: Today, pull a card and spend a moment thinking about what you are grateful for. And if you have time, write it down -- this is the easiest way to start a journaling habit, and this is the first step in creating a life you love. Thoughts become things, and gratitude creates greater happiness.

Dare To Be Courageous: These cards were created with the natural elements in mind to offer simple and grounded inspiration when reflecting on more complex matters of the heart and mind. The entire deck can be used in an order according to your manner of choosing or shuffled for random guidance.

Dare To Be Creative: Pull a card. Ask yourself the questions, follow the prompts, or use them to start a habit of creative journaling. Each creative task builds courage, as they urge you to take tiny leaps, to help you know yourself better--all you have, and all you believe in. When you pull from your truest self, you share that meaning in everything you create.