Customize Your Bundle B

Customize Your Bundle B


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Get a BDJ Planner and two stationery items for only PhP999! :)

Step 1: Choose a planner. All planners aside from Focus Journal is customizable.

Step 2: Select if customized or not. Customization charges extra PhP60.

Step 2a: If customized, please put custom name. Character Limit is 10 including space. Special characters aren't allowed. Numbers, hyphen, underscore and apostrophe are considered special characters.

Step 3: Choose a stationery item. Quest Journal Mini is customizable. 

Step 3a: If you choose Quest Journal Mini, select if customized or not. Customization charges extra PhP60. Same customization rules apply. 

Step 3b: If you choose Essential Notebook, select which kind you want.

Step 4: Choose your Item 2. Then, choose what kind.

Then you're ready to go!

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