Courage To Love

Let this kit be your guide and companion as you navigate the path toward self-discovery and growth​



Why you need this

Loving and being loved can be a challenging journey, but with BDJ Courage To Love Kit and empower yourself to open your heart to love, despite any challenges that may come. 

This Courage to Love kit is designed to help you document your journey as you learn to love and be loved with Quest Journal Mini as it also comes with "Dare to be Grateful" cards that serve as a reminder of all the things you have to be grateful for and that you are worthy of love.​

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With this journal as your guide, you can find the courage and strength to navigate the complexities of love Don't let fear hold you back any longer, take charge of your love journey with the BDJ Quest Journal Mini as your guide.

The Courage To Love comes with:

  • (1) QUEST JOURNAL MINI: The Quest Journal can cater to all your needs. Capture your stories before they fade. Journal every step of the way.​

  • (1) DARE TO BE GRATEFUL CARD: Spend a moment thinking about what you are grateful for. And if you have time, write it down -- this is the easiest way to start a journaling habit, and this is the first step in creating a life you love. Thoughts become things, and gratitude creates greater happiness.​

  • (1) I AM STICKER SHEET: Infuse your creative journaling spreads with I Am Sticker sheets! Use them whenever you need inspiration and motivation on your planner and journal notebooks.​

  • (1) KACO PEN (RANDOM COLOR): This well-known pen brand offers some of the most affordable 0.5mm gel pens in plastic casings. These retractable pens have great grip and come in cute vibrant colors. They write smoothly and dry quickly. ​

  • FREEBIES: The Embrace your Power Package includes a freebie of your choice! You can select (1) one of our selections of Revlon Lip Blotted, Revlon Photo Ready, Kotex (2-3 pcs) Tokyo Finds – Doodle Pen (2pcs) Tokyo Finds – Calligraphy Pen (2pcs), or Stamps (2pcs)