3+1 Quest Journal Mini



Why you need this

You'll enjoy 4 times the fun with our 3+1 Promo Bundle. Get 3 Quest journals for a limited time offer and you'll get one free! With these journals, you have plenty of room to log your travel destinations, write about your summer plans and goals, or keep track of all the books you're reading this summer.

The Quest Journal features a high-quality, waterproof vegan leather cover. Unwrap it to find 1 kraft-covered notebook inside and PVC Pocket.

  • Bullet Journalling. Create customized lists and your own structure for your day-to-day, your own way.
  • Travel Memory-Keeping. Capture your stories before they fade. Journal every step of the way.
  • Bursts of Inspiration. 1 kraft notebook with blank pages is great for all types of writing, whether it’s taking meeting notes or journaling.

This Bundle includes: 

  • 3x Quest Journal Mini (Color of your choice - Same color for all 3)
  • 1x FREE Quest Journal Mini (Color of your choice)