Belle de Jour Power Planner

2022 Petit Planner


Why you need this

In its 7th year, let the minimalist yet sophisticated scandi-inspired covers of the Petit Planners add design to your life. Get the functionality of a regular-sized planner with this portable planner. 

Big dreams come in small packages. A Petit planner is a practical and stylish way to keep track of your big plans while on the go. Handy, compact, less bulky, and light. It features a PVC pocket cover to keep important documents or essentials. Also a monthly and weekly calendar layouts where you can write down your random thoughts, quick notes, and ideas wherever you go.

  • Available variants: Dark version and Light version
  • Portable and handy
  • Use for planning or journaling 
  • Use to write down your schedules, time-blocking, and tasks


Note: Items are for pre-order. Shipping starts on the last week of September. Not valid for COD.

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