2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner - Limited Edition


Can be customized with your name with additional fee. Name will appear in uppercase


Every year begins a new set of dreams and goals. With hopes and aspirations to guide you, start your year with a power planner that guides you towards being one with earth and reminds you to keep dreaming and making things happen. Be responsible to yourself and others and carry that priority in your life to help overcome any challenges you may face in 2021 and beyond

A planner that has been designed to help you attain lifelong dreams, build a meaningful life and reach your goals. This planner can help you transform your intentions into action, gives you the power to start living a conscious life and change to a powerful, deliberate creator.

Comes in 4 different Cover Designs: Classic, Leather, Discbound, Limited Edition

*Colors may vary due to lighting

**Due to challenges with pandemic for manpower and logistics, we are processing orders at 1 to 2 weeks lead time. Rest assured we will shipping out your order as soon as possible**

• 14.8cm x 20.5cm cover​
•157gsm art paper with 4/0c printing​
• Special matte lamination​
• Silver holographic foil stamping​
• 1.8mm gray board with sponge round corner, square spine with canal and black elastic​


• 14.3*20cm paper​
• 96 sheets 100gsm FSC white paper with 4/4c printing in different designs​
• 8 sheets folding​

• Flyleaf with 1/0c printing​

• Double ribbon​
• Back pocket with 1c printing​


"our creators at Viviamo, Inc. are prouder than ever to present to you our fifteenth anniversary edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner. As uncertainty looms in the present, our wish is that this planner will serve as a grounding tool that reminds you to keep growing with the earth—no matter how swift or slow the process may take. May this planner provide you with a sense of oneness with other individuals who are striving to evolve and be whole again, just like you. With us, your pen, and your heart, no goal is high enough, no dream big enough, and no future far enough that you can’t reach it.​


May this year bring you closer to the truth of who you are. May you be grounded in what makes you come alive. May you always remember that life can be anything you want it to be.​"

This variant is currently sold out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great planner, service for improvement

The novelty of receiving it was lost through the back and forth emails.

I chose COD but upon realizing I had to pay upfront to have it customized... I did, at the amount billed for COD. I didn't mind the excess as I was enthused to have it, I even asked for the bank info.

...but when the parcel came I still have to receive it at COD?! I have reported this and while they did respond, it was a long trail of follow ups.

Please have your forms rechecked to avoid such issues again... and have it automatically re-bill the customer if they chose to pay upfront instead of COD.

Best planner but the worst service

Ordered my planner last November 17 and want it customized for the first time. After the process, there was no dragonpay link. We tried to reach out to bdj in different sites and platforms (email, facebook, messenger, call) yet all they said was that they would follow up and that they sent the order number. After almost 2 and a half weeks, someone called to tell us that the payment expired a long time ago and to just order again. If it wasn’t for the discount that I got, I wouldn’t push through with the order. I even had to ask them if they could continue the order just because of the discount. Got my planner today but I’m not sure if I will order again next time.

Prettiest Planner I've ever had

I received my planner just in time before December arrived. It's so pretty that I can't decide if I really want to write in it. I don't have that much use for a planner since I realized I'm living my life by default, the same activities every day every week. But I decided I'm gonna do different starting this month. I'm gonna try to do things differently, and I'm gonna write my adventures on this planner. Ever since I was young I loved listing my activities on a notebook or a journal. I would write everything thaat has happened to me in that day, until I got tired of updating my journals and diaries because I became busy with school. But now, seeing how pretty this 2021 BDJ planner is, it inspires me to continue journalling and continue updating my daily life. I hope I would have enough by the end of 2021 to buy myself another 2022 BDJ planner

3rd Times The Charm 💕

My first BDJ planner was just the Essentials Planner (as a broke college student) then I got the Navi one for 2019 (still a broke college student that became a microbiologist, but had an extreme sense of wanderlust). For 2020, I opted for a dateless one from a cheaper brand, which was very fortunate because it was basically left almost blank due to the events that happened this year. But for 2021, I went back and finally got the limited edition Belle De Jour planner (which I received as a gift from my boyfriend!). I'm SO excited to use it because I am now a medical student and classes and personal events need to be scheduled on the dot now. Not to mention the gorgeously curated special pages that seems so fun to actually fill up! I can't wait to discover more of myself as I grow with the planner (and the Earth!) and live my best life that I can always cherish and reminisce with the pages of this planner.

My First BDJ Planner

Aside from Christmas, there's one thing I'm always excited about in the month of December and that is choosing a planner in preparation for the next year. Im always the organized type of person and just 2 years ago I started using planners. I usually jot down my agendas or plans in a clean sheet of paper or in some pages of unused notebooks but throughout the years, I find it ineffecient because I sometimes loose that paper and I tend to write again my plans for that specific period. And for the past two years I didn't have the chance to own the planner that I want. Whenever we have Manito Manita with my friends, I usually surf the internet for possible planners that I can put in my wishlist that is within the budget but my Manito or Manita ended up not buying the exact planner that I really wish to received, but still it was fine with me. It actually made my planners more memorable thinking that they put effort to chosing another planner that they think I will like. But this year we will not be having our Manito Manita and I make sure to now get Belle de Jour Planner (my last year's wishlist).

When I first saw one of Belle de Jour Planners I fell in love at first sight. The back cover was very pretty and I feel like it fits my style. This year I got the I Grow with the Earth Planner and I'm very excited to use it this December. I already received my planner, I ordered it last October 11 and received it this October 27 (it took time because of the pandemic and because I have it customized). I actually haven't opened my first BDJ planner yet because I intend to open it this December 1 (I want to keep the exciting moment haha) so I really dont have any idea of what's inside in that planner. I just seen some sneak peeks of the pages in their website.

What I like about BDJ and what made me buy one? First is that I feel like BDJ is not just an ordinary planner, it's an interactive planner which allows you to write not just your plans for the day or month but it interacts with your actual thoughts and feelings. I also like the design from their planners and the unique monthly dividers. I also like the thought that they email me for motivational quotes and stories about the other Bellas and having a facebook live in their page to connect with them.

So far, that's the only thing I could say. I hope our 2021 will be better. And to end my review I will leave a quote here from Kris Hughes: "Making a plan without the right tools is like making spaghetti without a pot.”
Keep safe everyone 😊