2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner - Leather


Can be customized with your name with additional fee. Name will appear in uppercase


Every year begins a new set of dreams and goals. With hopes and aspirations to guide you, start your year with a power planner that guides you towards being one with earth and reminds you to keep dreaming and making things happen. Be responsible to yourself and others and carry that priority in your life to help overcome any challenges you may face in 2021 and beyond

A planner that has been designed to help you attain lifelong dreams, build a meaningful life and reach your goals. This planner can help you transform your intentions into action, gives you the power to start living a conscious life and change to a powerful, deliberate creator.

Comes in 4 different Cover Designs: Classic, Leather, Discbound, Limited Edition

*Colors may vary due to lighting

**Due to challenges with pandemic for manpower and logistics, we are processing orders at 1 to 2 weeks lead time. Rest assured we will shipping out your order as soon as possible**

• 14.6cm x 20.3cm  cover​
• Thermo PU +EVA​
•  Gold holographic stamping with logo debossing​

• Black oil edge, round corner and round spine, black elastic​


• 14.3*20cm paper​
• 96 sheets 100gsm FSC white paper in  4/4c printing in different designs​
• 8 sheets folding​

• Flyleaf with 1/0c printing​
• Double ribbon​
• Back pocket with 1c printing


"our creators at Viviamo, Inc. are prouder than ever to present to you our fifteenth anniversary edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner. As uncertainty looms in the present, our wish is that this planner will serve as a grounding tool that reminds you to keep growing with the earth—no matter how swift or slow the process may take. May this planner provide you with a sense of oneness with other individuals who are striving to evolve and be whole again, just like you. With us, your pen, and your heart, no goal is high enough, no dream big enough, and no future far enough that you can’t reach it.​


May this year bring you closer to the truth of who you are. May you be grounded in what makes you come alive. May you always remember that life can be anything you want it to be.​"

This variant is currently sold out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

It was a fast delivery. In fact it was delivered the next day. The problem started when it was mistakenly decline to received. And it took sooooo long before it was delivered again. Thats my only cons. It would be better if they do something about it and make it better.. The planner is very pretty, the design, color choices esp how it communicates with you to be in track, write down and achieve your goals,

Great quality and great customer service and fast delivery

It’s crazy how fast the delivery is. I just purchased the item the other day then to my surprise, kuya delivery man suddenly called me and he was already on his way to deliver the item. I was expecting it to be delivered by next week but truly I’m happy that it finally arrived! I will definitely ordered again in the near future! I’m a fan of this planner ever since and all I can say is that truly I’m one satisfied customer! Thank you Belle De Jour company! More love and power!

Laptop sleeve damage

I bought olanner and laptop sleeve.planner is very good. It realy serve its purpose. However i received laptop sleeve with damage.

Love this!

Took me some time to decide if I will buy from this supplier since I can see some negative reviews. Few negative thoughts can be risky sometimes but proceed with the order anyway. You may ask why them and why take the risk? First I love their unique and classy designs. Second, they are the only supplier that I found who did a great job on the designs but won't cost you much. Lastly, it only took them 5 days to process my order! Isn't it great! I will definitely order again next year.

Good planner BUT I'm not satisfied with the customer service

At first, I was really grateful because they allowed me to cancel my previous order for me to be able to buy the discounted price. They emailed that my order was already processed/shipped last November 25. HOWEVER, I was really saddened on how they communicated with me when there was an error about the supply of my original order, the disc-bound version. They called me and said sorry that it was still with them due to the said error. They asked me on what to do if it's refund or another planner, I remembered saying I will confirm once they email me with the option information but within 30 mins. after saying that I immediately messaged them through text and email that I will just refund. They answered yes and the rest of the communication was about the refund. BUT last Dec. 19, I received this version and I'm so shocked. No one messaged me about it. I emailed them on how I will just accept it because it has my name already but then I realized that some things about our communication is not adding up. I wouldn't have felt so bad if they informed me or just said sorry immediately after my long email to clear things and ask for their explanation but instead they said that they just followed what I said and then sorry for another miscommunication. Until now, I don't have the refund yet because this is cheaper compared to what I paid but they said it will be given before Christmas. My expectations now are really not much already,