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With everything that's been going on around you and inside you, you may be looking for tools, resources, and even a whole community that will inspire, support, and uplift you. That's where we come in!

Through the #YouGotThis talks and kits, we'll help you identify the self-sabotaging stories that hold you back from living your best life. We want to empower you to own your narrative, do some planning and journaling, and rewrite your story—because we believe in all that you can be, do, and achieve.

Expect freebies and fun activities, too! We've prepared games, giveaways and raffle prizes, and exciting deals and discounts for the official launch of our entire 2022 planner collection.

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● Digital #YouGotThis Visual Notes (This will be sent out after the YGT Summit)
◦ Visual Notes will cover all Program Talks during the LIVE
● YGT Mobile and Desktop Wallpaper
● 16-Pages #ExperienceMore Downloadable Worksheet
◦ Goal Setting Tracker
◦ Habits Tracker
◦ Financial Plans Worksheet
◦ Budget & Bills Tracker
◦ Savings Tracker
◦ Planning (Timetables/Class Schedules) Worksheets
◦ Spark Your Magic Worksheet and Journal Prompts
◦ 1 Downloadable Sticker Sheet