NAVI: Your Life Navigator Journal

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Live In The Now

“Explore. See the world, your present environment, your circumstances, with fresh eyes. ”

This is where you tell your story as a founder. It’s the story of you, your mission, and how your brand brings your mission to life. Overlook it and you risk having a forgettable brand in a sea of products.

Since our first edition in 2010, Navi sought to help people explore the world and perhaps find themselves.

Navi continues on this mission, letting you imagine yourself exploring places you might have never heard of before and helping you be in two places at once.

Monthly Dividers

features 12 lighthouses from the Philippines and across the world. With trivia about each featured lighthouse and place.

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Special Pages

With fun special pages (The Road to Your Best Life, 2021 Life Declaration, My Goals, My Words light My Way, Around The World - The Virtual Edition, My Travel Dream Board, Notes Pages) to help you live in the moment and see the world behind the horizon even from the safety of your home. 

Monthly Calendar

It comes with 13 monthly calendars. This effective planner covers calendar 2021 plus 1 month from December 2020 so you can already start using it at the end of year 2020. It has specious monthly calendar for you to plot and plan ahead your monthly schedules, important events, tasks, birthdays and more

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Weekly Calendar

With horizontal weekly layout with notes page for writing down your ideas and thoughts.

Coupon Booklet

NAVI Journal comes with a coupon booklet with P20,000 worth of discounts and freebies from our beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle partners.