Pathway to POWER Coaching Program

DO YOU ....

❗ Feel lost, insecure and need direction in life?
❗ Feel alone or Abandoned?Like your life is a mess and suffer from chronic stress?
❗ Feel burned out, drained, and overwhelmed?
❗ Constantly worry about money?
❗ Feel like a failure?

The Pathway to POWER Coaching Program is a 12-month series of joyful mind-setting, ground-breaking introspective learning sessions on finding clarity and ways to connect deeply; reorient yourself with who you are, courageous realign your purpose and teach you to intentionally care for yourself as you walk the path from disempowerment to dreampowerment.

YOUR LIFE DOESN'T WORK.Invest in yourself. Set aside 2 hours between 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN every last Saturday of every month.

⭐ April 30: Tidy Your Home, Declutter Your Life with Certified Konmari Consultant, Renelyn Tan

⭐ May 28: Gratitude Workshop with Happy Money Coach, Paula Peralta

⭐ June 25: How to Develop Perseverance with Energy Coach, Miqo Dionisio

⭐ July 30: Self Love Through Self Care with Beauty Expert, Ara Fernando

⭐ August 27: Mindfulness & Meditation with Grief Coach and Aromatherapy Expert, Balot Del Rosario

⭐ September 24: Find Out Your Human Design in Business with Enneagram and Quantum Human Design Certified Life Coach and Business Consultant, Tetz Agustin

⭐ October 29: Start with Your Strengths with GallupStrengthsFinder Certified Clinical Psychologist, Celine Sugay

⭐ November 22: Preparing for Prosperity with Prosperity Consciousness and Personality Development Coach, Pauli Antoine

⭐ December 17: Connecting with your Soul with Reiki Master, Sarah Salcedo

⭐ Rewatch the recording of Deal with Burnout and be Unstoppable with Femmepowered Life Coach, Rezza Custodio-Soriano

⭐ Rewatch the recording of Release Anxiety and Celebrate Life with Self Love Coach, Kimi Lu

⭐ Rewatch the recording of Train Your Brain for Joy with Neuro-Science with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera

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