Grow with the Earth

Wow! 2020 is some crazy year, right? There were days I really thought we wouldn’t survive. I’m sure most of us have felt that. So, first off, CONGRATULATE yourself for being here now, ALIVE AND WELL. Celebrate that! You are living, breathing, and you are holding this planner which only means you have LIGHT and HOPE inside of you. Because this is what the BDJ planner means to us: limitless possibilities and dreams.


I remember a quote I read during the pandemic:
 “I didn’t come this far, to only come this far.” Were there days when you just wanted to give up and hide under the bed covers, too? I felt this so much—2020 hit us harder than we could ever imagine. And it got me thinking about how and why I started BDJ. My own personal failure triggered the birth of BDJ. It started with me going against the odds. And yet here I am, here we are, with our 15th anniversary edition. Here we are with our bruises and cuts, still standing, strong as when we first began.


I believe 2020 was an invitation to SEE MORE CLEARLY (ergo “20/20 vision”). What did we need to clearly see? Ourselves. Our lives. Our hopes and dreams. Ever since the beginning, my intention was to help Bellas realize their TRUE desires and make TRUE choices. It is only a life worth living if it’s a life that is yours—a life you design that will truly, truly, truly bring you joy. This is why, 15 years ago when I created BDJ and when I started getting people to be part of my team, the name I chose for our company was “Viviamo!”: a direct translation of “WE LIVE!” in Italian. And yes, you read that right, Viviamo! has an exclamation point, because it’s not a simple meaningless phrase to us; our company name speaks so much about having the energy, the will, and the desire to TRULY live. My dream is for people to use our planners and products to really FEEL radiantly alive! My hope is for people to be self-empowered enough to take action on their dreams, their passions, their joys—to really step into their power, embrace it fully, and bring out their own magic in their lives.


Yes, Bellas, WE LIVE! And we will continue on, living and dreaming, pandemic or not. The journey may have changed, but no one can stop us from dreaming. This 2021, live radiantly, and dream on, Bellas!



This 2021, form a deeper bond with the earth—
 your true home.


Nurture mind, body, and soul as you continuously heal and grow alongside it.


Strike a delicate balance as you carve an extraordinary path to the future of your dreams.


Live harmoniously with your surroundings while
 transforming its abundant gifts.


Approach everything with openness, joy, trust, and love as you embark on this earthly adventure.


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