• Quest Journal: Your All-Around Journal

    QUEST JOURNAL PRESS RELEASE_Meet the Quest Journal, your journal slash partner that adjusts to your rhythm. Some may know the Quest Journal as a companion to other planners, but it can also stand on its own. Even if you’re already committed to a planner and you just want a blank canvass that would welcome all of your random outbursts, the Quest Journal is up to the challenge of keeping up with you.
  • Multi-hyphenate millennial women: How meditative journaling helps a working millennial mom get through her day

    PARENTING PRESS RELEASE_These times are extra difficult to deal with. Just imagine how a regular day unfolds for a working millennial mom, who tries to hustle while caring for her family, and herself. It may seem like a tough job really, but some of them turned to meditative journaling as a healing method to get through the day. But how?
  • Journey through life courageously. #YouGotThis 

    OFFICIAL 2021 PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE_Viviamo! Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, launches its 2021 products  to help you journey out of this pandemic courageously. 
  • Five things you do better when you have a journal

    LISTICLE_5 things you do better when you have a journal. How to heal that lockdown brain one entry at a time, so you can power through.