Deepen Your Compassion

Deepen Your Compassion

What is your experience of love?

Do you remember to give it to yourself? Are you allowing yourself to be seen and heard for what you truly are? Do you choose to give love freely and share it generously with others?

Every day, try to
take it a step further by reaching out and extending an act of sympathy to those who test your patience, to those who might not deserve it, and to those who cannot return the favor such as animals and natural resources. Know that your love is too good not to share. It will lift others up and bear countless fruits when you least expect it. 

Fill your heart with compassion as you answer this month's worksheet.

As a bonus, here's a free desktop and mobile wallpaper for you to download. We hope that this wallpapers will 
serve as a reminder for you to deepen your compassion, not just compassion to other people but also compassion to yourself