Ginger Arboleda on Nurturing Your Gift of Self

Ginger Arboleda on Nurturing Your Gift of Self

Good news, not just bad news, can actually turn out to be one's light bulb moment for change.

For Ginger Arboleda, her good news was a high performance rating from her corporate job years ago. But instead of tears of joy, Ginger cried for real and realized,"This wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life."

This happened in 2012, the same year she and her husband made a conscious decision that she should start working from home and focus on having a safe pregnancy. Her shift was from the corporate world to a work-from-home mompreneurship, as the Chief Executive Officer of Manila Workshops, Chief Operations Officer of Taxumo, and mommy blogger of This was where she found joy, fulfillment, and a callback to her childhood milestones and interests.

These milestones and interests from Ginger's younger years⁠—such as writing, competing in aerobics marathons and winning, editing the school newspaper, and being part of the school council⁠—have collectively contributed to Ginger's role as a serial mompreneur today. Time management and discipline were also two key learnings from her busy school years that she was able to take with her and carry through to her businesses. The same entrepreneurial ventures have taught Ginger how to embrace risks, prioritize trust and authenticity, and overcome self-doubt. "You just have to act on it. You just have to get to the next level wherein you can say, 'Hey, just get it done with" Ginger shares.

By squashing negative self-talk and fully embracing entrepreneurship, Ginger was able to surprise herself and proudly proclaim "Kaya ko pala!" This can-do attitude, supported by her maturity and secure value system of integrity, exploration, plus grit and tenacity, rounds out Ginger's gift of self.


With no signs of stopping, Ginger sets her sights on the future and nurtures her gift of self. During the recent quarantine period, she was able to spend her time wisely by upskilling and taking on new passions. She zeroed in on learning new skills and exploring different interests so that she and her businesses can thrive in the new-normal environment.

Ginger is a role model you can look up to and learn from. Just like her, by acknowledging past and present gifts, you can nurture your gift of self. Just like her, by putting the gift of knowledge to work, you're already one step closer to achieving your full potential.

What's more, your nurtured gift of self causes a positive ripple effect on everyone around you. It also guides and leads you to the right path toward possibility, instead of impossibility.

All you have to do is to take the first step. Follow Ginger's actionable lessons on the guidebook, and take the time to nurture your gift of self.


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