Dar Ty-Nilo on The Pursuit of Passion

Dar Ty-Nilo on The Pursuit of Passion

Dar Ty-Nilo had a dream, like you and me. Little did she know that her dream would create a ripple effect. She worked full-time while preparing for the Accountancy board exams. After months of hard work, she didn’t get to pass the boards. She felt discouraged from the obstacle, but she chose to press on. 

She reminded herself that people who believed in her and that the experience did not define her as a person. What’s more, she took time to list down all her goals, to help her figure out what she wanted. Dar chose to leverage the challenge into something more positive. That’s where the idea for a planner came about. “In the times I felt successful, I was using a planner,” she shared in an interview on ModernFilipina.ph. 



Dar created the initial prototype in 2006, where all 1,500 copies sold out. By this time, she was working in another corporate job. Luckily, her employer gave her leeway to run her business. After some time, she decided to devote herself to the planner in a full-time capacity. “In my pursuit of creating the perfect planner for the job,” Dar shares, “making the planner became the perfect job. 

Fourteen years, several events, and countless products later, the Belle de Jour Power Planner is helping countless Filipinos achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality. What’s more, Dar is dead-set on inspiring the Bella community to live their lives to the fullest. “We want every Filipino to find the perfect planner in the products that we make--to help them live the life that they dream of.” 

Dar’s story inspires us to believe in ourselves, keep going, and take risks--because pursuing our passion is worth it.