Alessa Lanot on Embracing Your Inner Child

Alessa Lanot on Embracing Your Inner Child

Do you remember how easy it was to dream big when we were younger? 

What about how easy it was to explore and discover new interests? It seems like as we got older, we slowly lost these abilities. It’s not hard to see how that happened.

As we entered our adolescence, we learned what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Any attempt to try something new is immediately met with skepticism and judgment. Does this sound familiar? Have you been discouraged by a parent, a relative, or even a friend? Some of our ideas never even get off the ground because we don’t get the support we needed. We stop pursuing and sharing dreams with other people because it’s easier to just do what we’re told.

This fear keeps us from reaching our true potential. It stops us from finding personal and professional fulfillment. And what happens to us when we fully lose the ability to dream and explore? We start discouraging other people also. We start handing out the skepticism and judgment. We become the very people who stopped us from dreaming too.

We’re here to tell you that this cycle can end today. It’s not too late to nurture your inner child. It’s not too late to dream so daringly again and to unlock your creativity. Take it from one of our Bellas -- Alessa Lanot.

Creativity was there at a young age.

Alessa learned early on in her schooling how important it was to express herself. That’s why even her physics and math homework became a platform for her to tell the world who she was and what she stood for. Although, this didn’t happen by accident. Alessa gives her mom the credit for her inclination to the arts. 

Her mom worked in the hotel industry. Long shifts at work kept her away from home but it didn’t stop her from encouraging Alessa to grow and explore her interests. Her mom recognized a curiosity in the arts so she nurtured it in whatever way she could. She always left Alessa with creative activities to do while she was at work. Coloring books, paint brushes, sketch pads. Her mom did not hold back on the support.

It wasn’t always easy though. Alessa was discouraged by many things. Sometimes it would be a friend or a teacher who gave disappointing comments on her work. Other times it was her own frustration with her progress and development. No matter what got in the way though, her mom was always there. Her mom stayed patient for Alessa when she couldn’t be patient with herself. Her mom was a constant source of validation especially during moments when Alessa found it hard to be proud of her art. Slowly but surely, her mom’s support eventually turned a small spark of interest into a burning passion. It became a fire so strong that nothing could put it out anymore.

Alessa recognizes how fortunate she was to have such supportive parents -- especially her mom who really pushed her to hone her craft. They also supported her by allowing her to hold workshops for kids in their home. Little did they know that these weekend activities would be the foundations for one of Alessa’s masterpieces -- Life After Breakfast PH.

But first, breakfast!

Life After Breakfast is a creative studio of handmade art tools, creative gatherings, and illustrations & pattern designs by Alessa. This is her platform where she documents her craft experiments, favorite tools, design process, and workshops -- all of which begin after the most important (and her favorite) meal of the day.

Alessa has been encouraging creativity by teaching watercolor workshops. She hosts over 40 classes per year in various cities around the Philippines and in major cities around the world like LA, San Francisco, New York, London, and Hong Kong. Dozens of professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners all flock to her workshops to learn how she creates and paints her famous watercolor designs. She understands how important it is to be surrounded by people who support and encourage one another. Her workshops aren't just a source of income. It has also become a community of artists that all support and nurture each other’s passions. 

To grow these workshops, she has also created her own line of handmade material tools. These include sets of thoughtful, eco-friendly, and travel-sized watercolors, brushes, and ceramic palettes, to fit the needs of modern day creatives. You can find them in Common Room stores in Katipunan, Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, at GoLokalxCommonRoom kiosks in Glorietta and NAIA3 Kiss&Fly, and at Make Space Today.

Finding solace in your daily routines

Alessa was able to run and scale her business even without prior experience. She learned how   to create structure and routines from the most unlikely of places -- family time.

Her mom was firm on making time for the family every weekend. Saturdays were almost always spent with relatives and Sundays with her immediate family. This routine, as simple as it was, gave Alessa a sense of structure and stability in her life. As a growing artist, she found herself exploring different styles, experimenting with different tools and brushes. The routine gave her solace. It felt comforting for her to know that there was one constant in her life that she could count on -- weekends with the family.

It would be this routine that would help her define her equation for solving problems. As a creative entrepreneur, she’s constantly finding ways to get over her daily hurdles. Using her own creative process, she’s able to break down her problems and find ways to overcome her challenges.

Harness your inner artist to achieve the impossible

In her talk, Alessa broke down her process into one, simple equation:

The ordinary + the unexpected = the extraordinary.

This is her reference for whenever she feels stuck on a problem. Ironically enough, it’s the constraints in her life that allow her creativity to roam free. 
Oftentimes, we are also faced with the same challenges that make us feel helpless and lost. Alessa has been able to find both personal and professional success because she uses her own limitations as a springboard to inspired work.

What sets my heart on fire?

When Alessa found her answer to this question, she never looked back.  Now it’s your turn to do the same! With the right guidance, you will be able to reconnect with your inner child and relearn the ability to dream without fear -- just like how you were when you were younger. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams. All you need is this push.

If you’re feeling stuck, you can take Alessa’s guidebook to help you with your personal or professional goals. In this guidebook, she shares her thoughts, wisdom, and reflections that helped her overcome the obstacles in her life.

You will have two key takeaways: 1) a clearer picture of what sets your heart on fire and 2) a stronger appreciation for your inner artist. Both are necessary for embracing the inner child again and allowing yourself to dream big.

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